Lance has been a photojournalist for 15 years. He has had the opportunity to shoot in all sorts of environments. With a military background, he’s been around the World and back. He is athletic and loves hockey (Go Sens Go!). Originally from Fredericton, New Brunswick (a rural area) he loves the outdoors from camping to fishing- which can be attributed to his adventurist spirit. He enjoys cracking jokes and making people laugh. He is certainly the wild card of the couple.


Sarah is more calm and reserved. As a former elementary teacher, she loves focusing on the details and capturing those heartwarming, tearful moments. She has traveled to many countries and states in the U.S. and has always dabbled in photography. Sarah just moved to Halifax in July, 2014. As a native to Florida (yes you read that correctly) she is enjoying the Canadian culture and her first winter. She loves animals (especially her two adorable cats) and enjoys the outdoors.


Oh… did we mention we met in Vegas??